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Re: WHOB locally aware?

At 12:34 PM 11/8/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>To any of you WHOB types lurking out there, I wasn't going to say
>anything, I figured one of you would catch this, but since I've heard
>this PSA for several weeks I guess no one there is going to catch this,
>or maybe you aren't aware of this fact.   
>Lowell has a number of museums, all of them very good. The Peabody-Essex
>Museum is a fine museum, but it is not among the museums in Lowell!  It
>might be on Lowell Rd in Salem, but it is not in Lowell.
There is a Lowell St. in Salem, but it is in the middle of Salem Willows
Park.  Not to be confused with the well-known main road in Peabody by that
name.  The Peabody-Essex is nowhere near any Lowell St., in any event (it
is on Essex St., just two blocks from my apartment.)  

Trying to reconstruct that PSA confuses me more than the election.

Take care,

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