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Re: marathon election coverage

Bob On Radio wrote:
>>No matter whether you liked the outcome or not, you have to admit that this 
night was a loooooong one and the outcome was still in doubt into thewee 


  you are correct on that one.  as a matter of fact, i was just musing to 
myself that the only thing missing at 3:46am when the pronouncement was 
deemed premature 
(is there a drug for that?  premature presidential pronouncement???  
"...really, honey, it happens to a lot of candidates..."), was the late Frank 
Reynolds slamming his hand on his anchor desk and asking someone to nail down 
some correct information.
    i'll toss in a nice tip of the hat to FM Talk 96.9's Jim Braude (Margery 
Eagan's WTKK cohost) who held the fort down, alone, all evening and up until 
the announcement came down that Gore had withdrawn his concession....  (4am). 
  he and his producers were very busy in the hallways of GBRG.  almost 
sounded, at times, like a scene from "E.R."  (...dang it, Nurse Hathaway, 
somebody get me a scalpel and the results from the NY Senate Race...)   
Seriously, though, they did a fine job and should be very very proud of their 
   also, if i may, i'd like to mention "The Bruds" for presenting probably 
the most objective look at the two major candidates and issues during the 
election season.  David Brudnoy not only plays a Libertarian on the radio, he 
is one.  and as such, his views on issues were not delivered with the 
major-party slant that other hosts offered. (yeah, i'm one of those North 
Cambridge kids; democratic and would never hide it 'cuz the ghost of Tip 
would hunt me down and haunt me forever)  and yes, last night on my drive 
south, David and Gary LaPierre and Peter Meade did an excellent job!  (Paul 
Sullivan, too... although i was in the parking lot before he really got 
    and wanna hear something really "weird".  (as if a deceased man winning a 
Senate seat isn't weird enough...)
   the WROR music is pretty much, as is that at most radio stations, 
prescheduled.  we (the pronouncers) have some lattitude for requests, but not 
the "records from home" variety.  (all right, maybe JJ does...)  anyway... my 
2am hour included "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who (which was also the 
Bush Campaign song in the past few days), scheduled to play at roughly 
2:15am.  i started the song, walked into the busy GBRG newsroom and turned up 
the speakers on the WROR newstation, then informed those frantically waiting 
to see Florida be given to somebody that "Selector" had determined the 
outcome.  sure enough, at 2:18, while Daltry was wailing on one of those 
ear-shattering "YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAhs", the graphics of GWB as the 43rd 
President of the United States begin to flash on the screens.  (weirder note: 
 the intro time on the song is.... 43 seconds).
  no, i don't recall any eerie coincidental music at 3:46am...
- -Chuck Igo