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Re: WCCC (AM) flips to Classical; WHUC flips to Standards

In a message dated Sun, 5 Nov 2000  5:19:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, Garrett 
Wollman <wollman@khavrinen.lcs.mit.edu> writes:

<< <<I'm curious: how much listenership, if any, did CBE-FM pick up when
WQRS got the can?  (And WTF were Chum thinking when they blew up
CIDR?) >>

Not being too familiar with the market out here (having been here only 3 
months and planning on heading back East soon), I can't answer those 
questions for you.

If you're referring to 93.9 as CBE (my memory is still fuzzy on some call 
letter-frequency combos), I think they have picked up some listenership in 
the AC department. They're really the only game in town for AC, with so many 
Top 40-ish stations (WDRQ, WPLT, 95.5, to name a few) crowded back-to-back.

Radio in Detroit is very uninspiring. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a small 
market compared to Boston when it comes to the talent level, even though both 
markets are equivalent in size, etc.