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WBPS on full power early again

This morning, heavy rains beating down on the roof of 
my house and the awning outside my bedroom window woke
me in the middle of the night.  Then my cat, sensing 
that The Big Guy was stirring, poked me with her cold
wet nose, which is cat language for "feed me, feed, me".
I had no idea what time it was, but when I got to the 
kitchen, the clock read 4:45.  After giving fuzzface
her favorite Fancy Feast chow, I momentarily turned
on the portable, a radio with a figure-8 reception
pattern just to see how early WBPS 890 powers up
even on a Sunday.  And sure enough, there it was loud
and clear and hour and 45 minutes before Local Sunrise
time for November, standard time.  I previously 
reported that WBPS was seemingly broadcasting with daytime facilities very early during DST in October...
it seems they're still at it now.  Maybe some folks 
who live due N or NNE of Boston, like Stoneham, 
Wakefield or even points north might want to check
them out if you get up well before 6:30 am.

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