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Shep stream on the 'net

The Internet has fulfilled its mission!  It has brought Jean Shepherd's 
radio stories back to life on an MP3 stream.  

Right now they're playing his story about The First Day of Kindergarten,
where he met Miss Bundy, Schwartz, Flick, and Helen Wethers.

You can hear it on http://www.live365.com; search the list for 
"Shepherd".    You'll need an MP3 player such as Winamp, XMMS, or 
RealJukebox to play it.


Little did I know that that was going to plague me: in any crowd, 
there's always five who've got their hands up.

"And what is your name?"
"That's a very pretty name.  Eugene is a beautiful name."
"It's Jean."
"Yes, boys and girls, Gene is a beautiful name, and the boys and girls
can call you by that name if you want, but it's really Eugene.  Eugene
is one of my favorite names."

I'd never heard of the name Eugene!   

It was the first thing I ever said in school, and I was blowin' it on my

So school was not panning out.  And then came the crusher - the total