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More Hudson Changes (and potential Poughkeepsie changes)

At some point over the last couple days, both of Hudson (NY)'s FM stations 
have flipped or majorly tweaked formats, partly of the doing of new owner 
Concord Media taking over from Straus Media (thank NERB/NRG correspondant 
"Eric from Albany" for passing this along).

Country WTHK (93.5) has flipped to oldies (off of WW1's feed) as "Crusin' 
93.5." Ken Goynea (who had done mornings at WTHK and ex-sister WTHN 
Ellenville when it was country) is doing a local morning show, more to 

As for WTHN, they're still running WW1's "Hot Country" format. The future of 
WTHN is in doubt, it is still unclear if Clear Channel will keep it (they 
would need a waiver to do so, even though it mostly serves Orange County it 
is located in the Poughkeepsie market, in which they're maxed out without 
WTHN), and if they do the format would probably change due to poor numbers 
in both markets (1.6 12+ Spring 2000 in Newburgh-Middletown, nothing in 
Poughkeepsie) and the fact that rival WRWD will also be owned by the CCU 

Hot AC WCTW (98.5) has reverted to using WW1's "Bright AC" format as of 
today, they had used this until February of this year when they went mostly 
local (outside of Bob & Sheri in mornings and Delilah at night) to help out 
partial simulcast WCTJ (96.1 Poughkeepsie). As for WCTJ...

As I type this it's been automation for all day today. Over the past week, 
most of the shifts were voicetracked (WCTJ had been live from 10:00 AM to at 
least 7:00 PM weekdays). With an 0.8 rating 12+ in the Spring book, and that 
they'll now be co-owned with rival WBWZ ("Z-93") WCTJ has become bait for 
format change rumors. Biggest and most probable has been WCTJ flipping to a 
prefab "Kiss" CHR to go against market giant WSPK ("K-104"), but the station 
will need something special to take a dent at them.

More info available at my board (shameless plug:)

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