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Re: Maine TV station breaks Bush drunk driving story

bobonradio wrote:
<<If a drunk driving arrect 24 years ago
makes him unqualified for office, I'd wonder why
Ted Kennedy keeps getting re-elected all these years>>


   won't go into the political aspects not belonging on this list... i'll 
leave that to Garrett... but there's a difference between pointin' the finger 
for the past few months and then waking up with an omlette on your face.
   Susan Kimball, btw, of Ch.6, has been gettin' all the network face time.  
that might answer Donna's question about her boss, Mike Curry, getting the 
quotes.  Susan mentioned "overhearing" the conversation in the courthouse as 
well, as per some of her aired interview comments i heard on the radio this 
   i feel bad for the Fox crew... they bust one open and don't even really 
get the credit they deserve.  too bad.  
   and oui is oui.  it's not a good thing.  and he wasn't 15 at the time.  
(off the soapbox and off to bed... g'night, all)

- -Chuck Igo