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Re: Armstrong's Alpine tower

> between the George Washington and Tappan Zee bridges. In 
> fact, with all of the problems that WFUV 90.7 has had 
> constructing a tower near the Bronx Park, I wonder why 
> the trustees of Fordham U apparently haven't thought of 
> moving WFUV to the Alpine tower.

Dan, that's a brilliant idea and I hope you suggest it to

> Those cross arms ought to provide enough space for 20 
> FMs with no multiplexing.

If not for being loaded up with all manner of 2-way stuff!

> I grew up in the northwest Bronx (a few miles north of 
> NYU) in plain sight of the Alpine tower, but I have 
> never visited the tower. Is there anything there, such 
> as an Armstrong museum, to mark the site's significance? 
> There must be at least a historical marker, but that can 
> hardly do justice to the history of the place.

There's a small museum of old Armstrong equipment in the brick
W2XMN transmitter building (which still is marked "W2XMN" above
the door!)

If you go when the site is staffed (weekdays, basically), the staff
is usually happy to welcome Armstrong fans to have a look around.
At least they were the last time I visited, circa 1991...