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Re: Armstrong's Alpine tower

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000 dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> I don't know where WNYU transmits from, but when the 
> station first went on the air, I remember that its 
> studios and TX were at NYU's now abandoned University 
> Heights campus in the west Bronx. 

WNYU's transmitter and aerial are still there.

(I have no idea what's 
> now at University Heights--Bronx Community College 
> maybe?) It's hard to believe that the campus would have 
> been completely abandoned because part of it was the 
> Hall of Fame, which was (is?) a major New York City 
> landmark.

I don't know the name of the current institution of higher learning that
occupies the facility.  However I am certain it is still used.

> I grew up in the northwest Bronx (a few miles north of 
> NYU) in plain sight of the Alpine tower, but I have 
> never visited the tower. Is there anything there, such 
> as an Armstrong museum, to mark the site's significance? 
> There must be at least a historical marker, but that can 
> hardly do justice to the history of the place.

This website has more details:

 http://www.qsl.net/w2xmn (Major Edwin Howard Armstrong Memorial Radio

or this:

http://users.erols.com/oldradio/  (E. H. Armstrong Web Site)

Both contain a good amount of information.

> > The Armstrong site is a must visit for anyone heading to the NYC area!

Absolutely!!  I'd like to make it there next summer, but it seems like too
long a walk from my current location (Washington Heights). Maybe I can
borrow a car...

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