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WAAF Jocks In Trouble

According to a report I saw on tonight's (10/28) WCVB Channel 5 late news,
WAAF jocks Rocko and Birdsey were taken off the air during their air shift
Friday after several listeners complained about a stunt they aired on their
show.They played what they claimed to be a tape of confessions secretly
recorded by a listener in a Catholic Church confessional booth, when in
fact it was a tape the jocks supposedly put together.When station
management started receiving listener complaints about the confessions,
WAAF's PD ordered Rocko and Birdsey to stop airing the material in
question.They refused to comply,and they were taken off the air about 90
minutes before their scheduled ending time. Be curious to see how long
Rocko and Birdsey will be on "vacation" or if they'll be sent packing.

Mark Watson