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Photos Available of Radio Station WQAI/WGSR/WCAP

For those interested,

Going through some old floppies I located an aerial view of what is now
1570 (when it was WQAI in '96) with studio/transmitter building and
tower in salt water marsh. Also I'm in another WQAI photo behind a Mc
8 pot mono board, studio all a mess they way our former PD liked it, and

also one of our transmitter switch with our (open) 30 watt transmitter.

These jpgs are available for whomever would like them, for whatever
just email me privately at 1570wyhi@bellsouth.net

Oh, PS - I also have a photo of a tower base/bottom section of tower of
980's 1980 array installation in Lowell, MA. Also a shot of a small
spotmaster board in the studio. Somewhere I've got a good shot of the
complete four tower array shortly after it was constructed circa 1980,
which enabled it to jump from a 1kw NDA daytimer xmtr in Dracut, MA, to
a 5kw DA full timer. I also have an aircheck of WCAP when it swtiched
patterns and WTRY picked up right where WCAP left off, recorded in
Merrimack, NH last year.

Ron Gitschier
formerly of Lowell, MA
Jacksonville, FL