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Re: ratings

Well, Boston has _two_ full-time 50 kW AM sports 
stations. Funny how few people think of WNRB. I guess 
that even fewer people listen, but it IS there and in my 
opinion, at least one of the hosts, "Papa" Joe Chevalier 
(3:00 PM to 7:00 PM), is _quite_ good.

As for NOS, WESX and WJDA also carry quite a bit of it, 
as does WCCM. At night, WXKS (AM), WESX, WJDA, and WCCM, 
taken together, don't cover the whole market, but 
generally, if you can get WXKS (AM) after sunset, you 
can get _both_ WESX and WJDA, so there are parts of the 
market where you have several choices for NOS. And 
although I wouldn't call WPLM-FM's format NOS (I call it 
AC), some people _do_ call it NOS.

And now that WBOQ has changed its music policy, quite a 
bit of what I hear there is definitely what I'd call EZ. 
A lot of the time, WBOQ is more like WPAT or WBOS in 
their EZ heydays than the current WJIB ever was. In 
fact, WBOQ may be more like the old WJIB (FM) than the 
current WJIB ever was.

> Well....in the case of "pop standards" or "nostalgia" fans, they don't
> have much of a choice.  In a lot of cases, WXKS is it for a nostalgia
> listener in Boston, right?  Ditto WJIB for beautiful-music listeners, WEEI
> for sports-talk listeners...etc.
> --
> Sven F. Weil