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Re: WAAF Jocks In Trouble

From: "Mark" <markwats@netway.com>

> According to a report I saw on tonight's (10/28) WCVB Channel 5 late news,
> WAAF jocks Rocko and Birdsey were taken off the air during their air shift
> Friday after several listeners complained about a stunt they aired on
> show.
>    ...and they were taken off the air about 90
> minutes before their scheduled ending time. Be curious to see how long
> Rocko and Birdsey will be on "vacation" or if they'll be sent packing.

Gee....can you say "publicity stunt"?  I'm sure the station is milking this
for as much as they can...and they were probably in on it from the get go.
Simply notice how far word of their "yanking" traveled so quickly.

My guess is that the station had "operators standing by" to make sure that
all the media was informed.

Haven't we seen this before from this company?  (Mayor is reported
dead....PM drivers suspended....company is so outraged they give them a new
deal in NYC.)

Maybe "Rocko & Birdsey think that this is the kinda thing that'll get them a
NYC gig and a syndication deal....ala Opie/Anthony.

Seems  like a thinly veiled effort.  (And just in time for Phase II of the
Fall Book!)  Sounds like something stations do when they don't have a TV Ad
campaign....they attempt to get the media time for free.