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<<  Has Atlantic Coast Broadcasting taken over WLOB AM & FM? >>

Not yet, but the deal is scheduled to close in the next few weeks.

<< Does anyone know where Atlantic Coast Broadcasting has loacted studios
for their various stations? >>

All stations are still in their original location, but will be consolidated
into the 583 Warren Avenue (Portland) building after the first of the year.
The purchase of that building from Citadel, with studio equipment, wiring,
and office furnishings intact, awaits the relocation of WHOM and WJBQ to
expanded facilities at One City Center. JJ considered locating everything at
779 Warren Avenue, which he will also own at the completion of the Carter
deal...but that facility's proclivity for flooding made it too risky for
housing 6 radio stations. It will continue as a transmitter shack for
WLOB-AM, but programming to it, the FM on Black Mountain, the two JABs, and
the FM stations in Brunswick and Saco will eventually come from the higher
and drier building at 583.