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Has Atlantic Coast Broadcasting taken over WLOB AM & FM?  Does anyone know 
where Atlantic Coast Broadcasting has loacted studios for their various 
stations?  Do they have one location or do they have locations in Portland 
and Saco?

I would expect that WLLB will be added to the WTME and WKTQ simulcast.  
Neither of these stations cover the Rumford area.  The current simulcast just 
uses the WTME calls (other than for legal IDs) and is called "The Talk of 
Maine."  They carry paid religion 6am to Noon each morning and then Rush and 
Dr. Laura.  Not sure what they are doing the rest of the time.   I think talk 
from USA Network and sports.

The WOXO/WTBM simulcast is country.

The WOXO studios on Main Street in Norway is one of the many places I have 
worked in radio.  I worked part-time there on and off from 1994 to 1996.  
Dick Gleason has survived and made money as a small-market, independent 
operator by keeping costs low and surviving local, small business advertisers.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

*Crossing the line into MAINE, we note that WLLB (790 Rumford) isn't
being sold to J.J. Jeffrey's Atlantic Coast Broadcasting after all.
Instead, Richard Gleason's Mountain Valley Broadcasting will pay
$50,000 for the little AM, which will join WTBM (100.7 Mexico), WOXO
(92.7 Norway), WTME (1240 Lewiston) and WKTQ (1450 South Paris) in
that cluster.