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WBZ-TV tower

A friend of mine reported seeing all the stations on the WBZ-TV tower go
off the air simultaneously a couple of days ago, leading me to wonder if
they had switched over to the new antennas.

The following is from the October SBE Chapter 11 newsletter, edited by
WBZ's Bob Hess: 

"Around the time you read this, WBZ and WCVB should be transmitting on
their new circular polarized antenna at approximately 1200 feet up the WBZ
tower. The antenna and combiner were built by Dielectric in Raymond,
Maine. If all goes well, reception on indoor antennas should be greatly
improved. Around November first, WGBH-DT, WCVB-DT and WBZ-DT should be on
the air with full power signals from the new top-mounted Harris broadband
UHF panel antenna system on the WBZ tower. Channel 44 will also be
transmitting from that antenna system. The UHF combiner was built by
Dielectric. For the past several months, WBZ, WCVB, WGBH, WGBX, WBZ-DT,
and WCVB-DT have been transmitting from temporary antennas on the tower at
lower levels. WGBX, channel 44, has especially been affected by reduced
power and an antenna at a lower level. The Channel 44 signal should
improve significantly when the new antenna is energized. Channel 2 has a
new Harris (Harris' antenna division has been purchased by Dielectric)
panel antenna just below the 4/5 antenna which should be energized
some time in November. An FM master antenna is also planned for the


Rob Landry