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Another AM pushing the envelope

It is not uncommon for some AM's that don't have
computer-operated transmitters to operate after
hours with daytime facilities.  But one station
whose signal strength I can SEE because one radio
I own has a signal-strength meter, WBPS AM 890
has been on the air before 7:00 am with either
full daytime power or close to it.  What's 
interesting is that this has happened a few times,
not just the first day of October...and it still hasn't
been strong enough to override WLS.  The Spanish-
language MUZAK (tm) and News/Talk Chicago style 
have been equally strong at about 5:55 thru 6:30 
in the past few days.  And on at least one occasion,
WMVU AM 900 Nash-wah (that's the way the guy who
owns the station says it) has upped its wattage before
7:00 am.  Hmmmmm...is this the only way AM's can 
hope to compete?  

Laurence from Methuen
(with too many radios and too much time on my hands).

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