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Re: Another AM pushing the envelope

It's possible that the station's transmitter is automated to power up
and down at the appropriate times, but if the computer is still set to
July or August hours of operation, it could explain why they may be
powering up early and powering down late.  I just don't think it would
make too much difference to their ratings to purpously power up 45
minutes early.

Mike Thomas

lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> It is not uncommon for some AM's that don't have
> computer-operated transmitters to operate after
> hours with daytime facilities.  But one station
> whose signal strength I can SEE because one radio
> I own has a signal-strength meter, WBPS AM 890
> has been on the air before 7:00 am with either
> full daytime power or close to it.  What's
> interesting is that this has happened a few times,
> not just the first day of October...and it still hasn't
> been strong enough to override WLS.  The Spanish-
> language MUZAK (tm) and News/Talk Chicago style
> have been equally strong at about 5:55 thru 6:30
> in the past few days.  And on at least one occasion,
> WMVU AM 900 Nash-wah (that's the way the guy who
> owns the station says it) has upped its wattage before
> 7:00 am.  Hmmmmm...is this the only way AM's can
> hope to compete?
> Laurence from Methuen
> (with too many radios and too much time on my hands).
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