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Re: WMTW-TV gets OK to move trensmitter off Mt. Washington

<< I know I am not all that technical, but why would you want to move OFF of
the top of the tallest place in New England? >>

In addition to the expense factor, there are the laws of physics to contend
with. Regardless of height --which only helps 'look over' obstacles-- the
strength of electronic signals decreases in an inverse square ratio to
distance. The amount of power delivered to an antenna at two miles is only
one quarter the level that reaches it at one mile. And so on out to the
limits of coverage, which is when the transmitted signal drops below the
noise floor.

WMTW-TV's city-grade signal 'poops out' before reaching the densly populated
areas of coastal Maine and New Hampshire. That's become an even higher
concern with the advent of digital TV, which (apparently) requires a higher
level of signal to produce dependable reception. The development of digital,
in band radio has been stymied by the same problem.

Digital has long been touted as a miracle mode that is the wave of the
future. But anyone with a digital phone can appreciate that we're not quite
there yet.

I think WMTW is hedging its bet that it'll be a long time before digital TV
lives up to its promise, and that lots of people will continue to receive
their station on rabbit ears and outdoor beams.