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Outstanding Programs

Might be fun if those of us on the list mention what
radio shows we rave about for their excellence; shows
that may or may not be on locally (maybe you hear them
on the Internet or people send you tapes). To start,
let me nominate "Folk with Jim Blum" from WKSU in
Ohio. It runs Fri., Sat., and Sunday nights starting
at 8 pm on WKSU, some other area stations affiliated
with Kent State, and on the Net at http://www.wksu.org
(you can listen to the folk show whenever you want,
and the website has playlist info).

Blum (pronounced "Bloom") has a relaxing voice and the
music choice on the show is superb. It may be called a
"folk" show, but you'll also hear bluegrass, blues,
acoustic, New Age, Celtic, music from other countries,
and more. In addition, there's an award winning
feature called "Beyond the Backyard" co-hosted by
naturalist Dan Best.

Certainly we have our share of folk radio around here
(like WUMB) but WKSU is worth checking out
for its fine music mix.

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