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New antenna on WBZ-TV Tower

I've been away from the neighborhhod for a while, but
my travels took me by the Westinghouse/CBS/Viacom
tower at good old 350 Cedar St, Needham, MA
yesterday.  Since the last time I drove by it 
yet ANOTHER low-number-VHF TV antenna has been added
above the one installed a few weeks ago and just below
the top-mounted device that LOOKS like either a UHF
or high-number-VHF antenna.  The new one is very
elaborate and seems to be more complex than the 
one below it.  Now there are THREE low-numbered VHF's
on that tower: chs. 2, 4 and 5.  Could the new one
be diplexed for 4 & 5 while the one below is ch 2
only?  I ask this because channels 4 and 5 are close
together in frequency...and as observers of the
antennas on The Pru know, multiple FMs can broadcast
from one facility;  low-number VHF-TV is not unlike
FM radio. Things are moving fast up there;  there was 
no movement after the 2- or 3-hundred feet of steel 
were installed last spring.  Could new antennas for
channel 44 and WGBH-FM be far behind?

Laurence from Methuen 

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