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Re: Outstanding Programs

"Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote:

> Might be fun if those of us on the list mention what
> radio shows we rave about for their excellence; shows
> that may or may not be on locally (maybe you hear them
> on the Internet or people send you tapes). To start,
> let me nominate "Folk with Jim Blum" from WKSU in
> Kent,
> Ohio. It runs Fri., Sat., and Sunday nights starting
> at 8 pm on WKSU, some other area stations affiliated
> with Kent State, and on the Net at http://www.wksu.org
> (you can listen to the folk show whenever you want,
> and the website has playlist info).
> Blum (pronounced "Bloom") has a relaxing voice and the
> music choice on the show is superb. It may be called a
> "folk" show, but you'll also hear bluegrass, blues,
> acoustic, New Age, Celtic, music from other countries,
> and more. In addition, there's an award winning
> feature called "Beyond the Backyard" co-hosted by
> naturalist Dan Best.
> Certainly we have our share of folk radio around here
> (like WUMB) but WKSU is worth checking out
> for its fine music mix.
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Not to take any glory away from WKSU, and WUMB, but please don't forget

to check out  90.5 WICN  each night between 8:00 and 11:00PM

for our roots shows on New England's Jazz and Folk station.


It needed a plug :)

Norm Rosen

Host of Blue Monday