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> On Sun, 01 Oct 2000 10:13:15 EDT Sptseditor@aol.com writes:
> > Sven writes:
> > >Of course, I don't know the economic state at WCAP and >what the 
> >snip<
>  If they only paid people $3 
> > an hour more, they might be able to get more talented people to stay 
> > in a position longer, thus eliminating redundant training, etc. 
> > Sometimes businesspersons don't factor in long-term costs, 
> > especially when it comes to (mostly) part-time employees. 
> > -Sean
> Actually I am personally aware of a station here in Mass that paid
> substantially more than the amount you are suggesting and they still
> couldn't get reliable board ops that would show up for their shifts, 
> they ended up going to computer automation because of it.  There are
> stations that automate to cut costs but more and more independent AM's
> are doing it for survival.
> df
	Some of these folks have no sense of duty apparently. I always
worried about getting up on time to sign my station on the air... and
consistently signed it on on time or early (with the appropriate power
leve). There's not many things worse than driving to work listening to the
start of your radio show while 10 miles or so from the station!!     (this
was a  pre-arranged delay in arrival due to military duties) 

	Ron Gitschier
	WGSR 1570 Fernandina Beach, FL
	(now engineering...)