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Re: Former WHDH Radio Ops Mngr

>     he was especially generous, whenver possible, to just about
every member
> of the staff at every level.  heck, i was just a weekender, yet he'd
> had a problem passing along a pair of the company Red Sox tickets
from time
> to time.  great seats.  3rd row behind the dugout.  great guy.  and
yeah, he
> was pretty damn nice, too!
> - -Chuck Igo (WHDH 83-88)

Never really got to know Carlo in person but once Carlo popped his
head in master one evening, late at night.  Looked up and saw a
missing light bulb.  Yep, changed it himself within a couple of
minutes.  He left with a crack about "How many of you girls would it
take to screw in a light bulb?"  RIP

Bill O'Neill