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Re: Former WHDH Radio Ops Mngr

the enigmatic WHDHRadio wrote:
>>Carlo Lagrotteia, operation manager for WHDH Radio for many years from the 
60s through the mid 80s, passed away last weekend.  His funeral was this 
morning.  <<

Carlo was indeed a man of many talents and a pretty dang nice guy as well, 
although he'd never let you say that to his face.  ;-)   as i've had the 
chance in the past few days, sharing memories of Carlo...
  Rich Chadwick mentioned that he was the guy who did all of those things 
that needed doing.  
   and Tom Doyle passed along one particular favorite.  having mentioned he 
was having a lousy day, Carlo looked him in the eye and asked if he got a 
paycheck.  Tom said that yes, he had.  Carlo told him that his day couldn't 
be that bad, then and to just quit his gripin'.
    he was especially generous, whenver possible, to just about every member 
of the staff at every level.  heck, i was just a weekender, yet he'd never 
had a problem passing along a pair of the company Red Sox tickets from time 
to time.  great seats.  3rd row behind the dugout.  great guy.  and yeah, he 
was pretty damn nice, too!

- -Chuck Igo (WHDH 83-88)