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Sven writes:
>Of course, I don't know the economic state at WCAP and >what the whole
>story behind this whole scenario is.  

When I gave a cursory call over to Kevin last year to inquire about any board op opportunities, I can tell you that the salary was even lower than reasonable. I'm making 40 percent more stocking shelves at a large discount retailer than I would have running the board in Lowell. (And I'm out in Detroit, folks.)

It's the whole story with any industry: Let's pay our people cheaply and just have a warm body in the seat. If they only paid people $3 an hour more, they might be able to get more talented people to stay in a position longer, thus eliminating redundant training, etc. Sometimes businesspersons don't factor in long-term costs, especially when it comes to (mostly) part-time employees.