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Maurice Cohen has hired a new PD who will be taking on gig on Wednesday. Hails from S. Dakota.  IMO, the best thing for the station is some new blood.  Call me old fashioned, but it's always better not to go away mad, but to just go away.  The PD will also be the new voice of the Lock Monsters as the station keeps the gig for the next full season if not more.  

I've moved away from the station (now in VT) but still occ. contribute.  After nearly two decades of dealing with the Cohens, the old (very) studios, the general issues associated with small market, stand-alone AM radio, I've had my share of concerns, issues.  On balance, however, WCAP was one of the best working experiences of my life and I remain thankful for the privilege of having plugged in the cans there.  

I am personally disgusted by what I have heard relative to the treatment and actions taken by one or more of the pantloads who took the low road down the wooden stairs.  The verbal attack on Mr. Cohen and his heritage is nearly eclipsed by what most radiophiles here would consider unconscionable - tearing the pot labels off of the board for the newer ops to struggle with; spinning sat. channels to effect news and bulletin reception; absconding with critical information regarding troubleshooting programming issues.  All this done, IMO, to harm with malice aforethought.  I am sure the legals among us could add to the list of what Uncle Charlie would take issue with.  I've heard of burning bridges, but destroying sensibilities?  A WCAP colleague borrowed this phrase today - "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." 

To those dweebs who were but a glimmer in the eyes of their Mensa candidate ontogeny back in 1951 when WCAP first hit the airwaves, if you tried half as hard to work your gigs and perfect your craft as you did when tried to hurt a small businessman, perhaps you could have actually contributed to some decent radio. <Dopeslap mode OFF>

Bill O'Neill

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