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Re: Need a radio job? Trouble in Lowell......

 Gary Francis wrote:

>Yesterday was Kevin Dunn's last day as PD and after his going
> away party  the rest of the staff asked the owner for a raise and when he
> said no, they got verbally abusive and walked out - all of them!  

 Is it just the board ops that quit or did the morning show hosts (George
Anthes and Pat McCarthy Mon.-Fri. and Warren Shaw on Sat.) also walk? If
that's the case, it should make for an interesting situation come Monday
morning.Who will host??

 Is Kevin Dunn going to work for the Lowell Lock Monsters organization? I
recall in their inagural season that Randy Shimanski (sp?) who worked for
the Lock Monsters as their media person, and also called the games on WCAP
as well as hosting the weekly Lock Monsters' talk show.If I am correct,
Randy was not on the WCAP payroll. He left after the first season, and
Kevin Dunn took over the play by play and show hosting duties.If Dunn's
going elsewhere, who will call the games? The season starts Friday,Oct.6.

 Mark Watson