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Re: WHDH To Air Last Hour of "Today Show" on Tape Delay

On 9/28/00 10:21 PM, Mark wrote:

> The only other station the game could end up on, IMHO would be WHUB 
> (Ch.66). As they are an independent station, there would be no 
> worries about blowing off network programming, plus it could make 
> more folks aware that they do exist.I'm sure there are many out 
> there that don't know about them,as they still don't have their 
> programming listings in TV Guide as of the latest issue.Anyone know 
> why that is ?

I wonder also.  TV Guide has always been late in adding new stations.  
It's not like they haven't heard of WHUB, since there were lots of ads 
for the station in their first week on the air.

They also seem slow in getting rid of stations they wouldn't otherwise 
list.  Channels 46 and 60 are still listed even though they carry mostly 
infomercials, which keeps them from listing Channel 62.