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Re: WHDH To Air Last Hour of "Today Show" on Tape Delay

>   Wednesday's ( 9/27) Boston Herald reported that starting this Monday
>(10/2) NBC's "Today Show" will expand to 3 hours,airing 7 to 10 AM.However,

>Boston's NBC affiliate WHDH (Ch.7) will air the last hour of "Today" on
>tape delay at 10AM, as they will continue to air "Live With Regis" at 9AM
>as they have for the past several years. I wonder how NBC feels about this,

>considering that WHDH is blowing off NBC's  Major League Baseball playoff
>game Tuesday (10/3) in order to carry the Presidential Debate. Will NBC put

>up a fuss about WHDH interrupting the continuity of "Today" in order to run

>a syndicated program ?

We here at WWLP-TV in Springfield are doing the same thing. 
Regis w/out KL. is airing from 9-10 and we're taking a 
secondary feed of the 10-11 hour of the today show off

Master Control.