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WHDH To Air Last Hour of "Today Show" on Tape Delay

   Wednesday's ( 9/27) Boston Herald reported that starting this Monday
(10/2) NBC's "Today Show" will expand to 3 hours,airing 7 to 10 AM.However,
Boston's NBC affiliate WHDH (Ch.7) will air the last hour of "Today" on
tape delay at 10AM, as they will continue to air "Live With Regis" at 9AM
as they have for the past several years. I wonder how NBC feels about this,
considering that WHDH is blowing off NBC's  Major League Baseball playoff
game Tuesday (10/3) in order to carry the Presidential Debate. Will NBC put
up a fuss about WHDH interrupting the continuity of "Today" in order to run
a syndicated program ?

   And speaking of the baseball game, I've not read or heard anything about
NBC finding another station in Boston to carry the game on Tuesday.IIRC,
there was some speculation on the list that the game would land on WBPX
(Ch.68) due to the PAX/NBC relationship.The only other station the game
could end up on, IMHO would be WHUB (Ch.66). As they are an independent
station, there would be no worries about blowing off network programming,
plus it could make more folks aware that they do exist.I'm sure there are
many out there that don't know about them,as they still don't have their
programming listings in TV Guide as of the latest issue.Anyone know why
that is ?

 Mark Watson