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Re: WHDH drops playoffs

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:02:00 -0400 John Mullaney <john@minutemancomm.com>
> It makes no sense. Why do we need three or four stations to watch a 
> debate on?
> They have pool feeds why not pool stations. These news dept. egos 
> need to be
> trimmed. More people are probably interested in the playoff game 
> than are
> interested in the debate in the first place and the debate is 
> available elsewhere.
> In this day and age we need an FCC rule against simulcasting. Then 
> the news
> departments would just have to take turns. It just no longer makes 
> any sense to
> have the same program on 3 or 4 channels its a waste of TV 
> bandwidth. I'd even
> argue that the modern day political debates aren't news anywise but 
> more like like
> long political commercials but I'll save that discussion for another 
> day. I think
> the WWF could get bigger ratings if they where up against them... I 
> know lest
> combine the two.
> Hmmm now wait if UMass blows up right in the middle of it I have no 
> problem with
> the other two stations going live..... In fact I'd want to know!... 
> so I guess I
> don't want a simulcast rule against breaking news just boring news 
> or political
> events.

Ya know, I almost decided not to dignify this one with a response until
the last paragraph about the explosion...btw, just in case big brother
was monitoring that was a hypothetical right?...

So, who decides what political event etc is "boring" and a "waste of TV
bandwidth"?, You?

Maybe we can get the newspapers and magazines to fall into line as well,
after all don't you think the Globe, Herald and whatever local paper you
happen to subscribe to will all have coverage...maybe even the same
stories with an AP byline...

And if we can do that with political debates, maybe we can do it with
other things as well....imagine the possibilities....

The explosion comment reminds me of an interview I saw with one of the
pioneers in Boston TV sports, I think it was Don Gillis but I could be
mistaken,  he pointed out that in the beginning the station managers
didn't understand why Gillis and the crew had to go and tape an entire
ball game, after all, the only thing they wanted on the air was the hits
and homeruns so just tape them....

As for an FCC rule preventing simulcasting, I couldn't agree more, but
obviously for different reasons and purposes.

So, if you want to watch the ballgame or the WWF go ahead no one is
stopping you.


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