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Re: WHDH drops playoffs

I'm kind of kidding.... I wouldn't want me or the FCC deciding what was news.
It just seems that presidential debates have become long slow platform
speeches that don't need to be on all the VHF channels at the same time. It's
almost seems like they are trying to force you to watch by limiting your
choices instead of trying to provide a source of coverage.
But my views or someone else's shouldn't be forced on them.... It would just
be a nice refreshing change if one Program Director would say... "You know 2,
4 and 5 already have the debate on why don't we carry the network with the
game". "We can cover it heavily in the news and cut into programing if
something really big happens".
I guess that's what I'd like to see. A modern day decision taking into place
modern day television viewing habits and tastes and not relying on what's
always been done in the past. I wouldn't consider them any less of a news
channel for making a decision like that and I doubt most people today would.

Dave Faneuf wrote:

> So, if you want to watch the ballgame or the WWF go ahead no one is
> stopping you.

Well how could one do this if the debate is on here instead?