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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

Not sure about this, but I think Ch. 5 once thought
the Boston busing situation was so sensitive (back
in the 70s) that they refused to carry a new ABC
sitcom, leaving Ch. 38 to run it on Saturday nights.

This controversial series? "Welcome Back, Kotter".
"Hey, Mr. Kot-tare!"...As far as I know, that show
never did any episodes as controversial as "Maude"'s
abortion episode or Edith getting raped in "All in
the Family"....Again, I thought I remember
Ch. 5's reason for doing so was related to the
busing situation.

--- "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@world.std.com> wrote:
> On 24 Sep 2000,  Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:
> > Yes...there was a time when WBZ-TV had bought the
> > rights to "Hawaii Five O" and they ran it
> weeknights
> > at 12:30 am, pre-empting some new show called
> "Late
> > Night With David Letterman" and a show on Fridays
> > called "SCTV Network". 
> They also blanked out "Blossom" and "Saved By the
> Bell" for an entire 
> season.  They dropped so many network shows that
> Channel 62 was a 
> "secondary affiliate" of NBC and carried the network
> shows that WBZ didn't 
> carry -- provided WBZ made the decision not to carry
> far enough in 
> advance, which they didn't always do.
> I also remember Channel 5 getting so many calls
> about their pre-empting an 
> episode of "Lois & CLark" that they showed it in the
> wee hours of the 
> morning, for those of us with VCRs.  They also bowed
> to public complaints 
> and agreed to carry the series finale of "Doogie
> Houser," after they had 
> originally planned to run something else.  This sort
> of thing doesn't seem 
> to happen very often any more.  
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