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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

On 24 Sep 2000,  Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:

> Yes...there was a time when WBZ-TV had bought the
> rights to "Hawaii Five O" and they ran it weeknights
> at 12:30 am, pre-empting some new show called "Late
> Night With David Letterman" and a show on Fridays
> called "SCTV Network". 
They also blanked out "Blossom" and "Saved By the Bell" for an entire 
season.  They dropped so many network shows that Channel 62 was a 
"secondary affiliate" of NBC and carried the network shows that WBZ didn't 
carry -- provided WBZ made the decision not to carry far enough in 
advance, which they didn't always do.

I also remember Channel 5 getting so many calls about their pre-empting an 
episode of "Lois & CLark" that they showed it in the wee hours of the 
morning, for those of us with VCRs.  They also bowed to public complaints 
and agreed to carry the series finale of "Doogie Houser," after they had 
originally planned to run something else.  This sort of thing doesn't seem 
to happen very often any more.  

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