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fan magazines of the 50s

Do any of you nice folks have copies of any Radio/TV Mirror or Song Hits 
magazines from the 1950s and early 60s?  Some of the editions were 
regional, and they included features about New England radio 
personalities.  Basically,  I am trying to find out which New England 
personalities were considered well-known enough to make the national 
magazines.  If you do have any of these fan magazines, I don't need the 
magazine itself-- I just need to know who was in it, and what issue it 
was.  For example, I have a few issues that featured articles about Louise 
Morgan, Gus Saunders, Priscilla Fortescue, Stan Richards, Nelson Bragg, the 
Hayloft Jamboree, Big Brother Bob Emery, and Ed Penney.  I am sure there 
were many others, and I would love to know who was selected.  (I also have 
a  mid August 1952 issue of New England TV Guide with a feature about Dick 
Tucker, and it alludes to other local radio personalities besides him who 
were on TV in the early 50s, but I have not found many other articles about 
announcers in any of the regional TV Guides I have...)