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Re: Tigers to a weak signal: grrrrr!!!!

In a message dated 9/23/2000 3:46:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
rdavisson@neo.rr.com writes:

<< While I'm a Cleveland Indians fan (I'm in
 Akron), it was fun to easily be able to tune into a Tigers game and also
 to be able to hear a broadcasting legend in Ernie Harwell.  >>

Same way I used to feel when living in Boston about the Yankees, Tigers, Mets 
or another of other teams. In their own way, I think John Sterling and 
Michael Kay are every bit as entertaining as any broadcast team in Major 
League Baseball. Yes, they can be homers but I also crack up listening to 

I am amazed that the Lions allowed WXYT to become their flagship in the first 
place, given the relatively weak signal that the station has. (I'm not sure 
of the exact directional specs, but I know the night games are simulcast on 
WWJ (950) for this reason.) When I went to the Patriots-Lions preseason game 
at the Silverdome last month, I was getting a better signal inside the 
building from 950. With so many night games for each team, I wonder how WXYT 
is going to fill the hole in its night signal for 200 events a year. (I am 
guessing their lackluster FM talk sister station might somehow be involved in 
this, even with that signal possibly becoming the all-sports station in town.)