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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

The article mentions that on Oct. 3, WHDH (Ch. 7)
will have to choose between a baseball playoff
game and the Bush-Gore debate. Hopefully NBC
would be willing to allow them to put the game on
PAX 68 (given the arrangement between the two
networks). That way "The News Station" can cover
the debate and baseball fans (uh, I have a hunch
the game will NOT involve the Red Sox, sigh)
can still find the game. 

But I'm wondering: is this debate on all three of
the major networks? (i.e., are WBZ-TV and WCVB-TV
also planning to carry it?) If so, viewers could tune
to Ch. 4 or 5 for the debate leaving the game
available on Ch. 7. Then again, what would that say
for the image of "the news station", ducking a debate
in favor of baseball (given the precedence that a news
event should have over sports)?

Or maybe they can do a split screen? Nah...

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