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Re: Journalism Ethics

Let me put on my "serious" hat for just a moment.

I am a broadcast journalist and proud of it. It is an honourable 
profession.  My philosophy is that I do news...period.  I do not do 
commercials.  It's hard enough to get me to read a billboard.  I 
would rather see them recorded or at the very least written so I 
don't come across as giving a personal endorsement.

Years ago, when I was in Dover, NH, a former owner of WTSN 
asked me about combining sales with news.  I told him it was a 
bad idea.  What if one of my accounts got into hot water?  I would 
be placed in the position of reporting a story involving someone I 
have a financial relationship with....not a good situation.

If others are comfortable reading spots, fine.  I want to stay as 
objective as possible.  So, even though it might be extra cash, I 
choose not to participate.

End of "serious" mode.

Dan Cole,