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Re: Journalism Ethics

Dan wrote:
<<It's hard enough to get me to read a billboard.  I 
would rather see them recorded or at the very least written so I 
don't come across as giving a personal endorsement.....
....If others are comfortable reading spots, fine.  I want to stay as 
objective as possible.  So, even though it might be extra cash, I 
choose not to participate.>>

    in recent history, even at WGAN, stations that are/were covered by AFTRA 
agreements provided for "talent fees" for the anchors when even just reading 
billboards.  there are some news types who make/made more in fees for saying 
the "news is brought to you by..." than some of us did for salary.
   i understand and respect your decision to not want to do commercial reads, 
and yes, the reasons given, especially at a smaller-market level, are reason 
enough.  (you can't "excuse" yourself from covering a story in which you 
might have some vested interest if there's no one else to do the job...)

    and i do understand what Dan B. has been saying regarding "journalists" 
doing the selling as talent.   but, does a news reporter reading script make 
the product being sold/offered any more credible?  the way most people see 
it, a commercial is a commercial.  doesn't matter who's doing it.  if we need 
"widgets", we'll buy 'em so long as they're on sale.  doesn't much matter 
who's telling us they're on sale. 

- -Chuck Igo