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RE: Bye Charles (and Duane)

I heard an interview with Charles about 5:10 on WBZ with Gary Lapierre.
Also heard about the first half hour from 5:30 to 6.


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> Subject: Bye Charles (and Duane)
> Charles (and Duane and Yoop) said goodbye.  some nice touches
> throughout the
> morning, especially where the beginning of the end was indeed
> "The End" by
> the Doors.  visits and cameos galore, a nice passing of the torch
> to TAI and
> Steve, then one last gasp of Duane meeting up with the Blue Fairy
> in search
> of his mother.  A clone, barely alive, wouldn't have a mother.
> and as such,
> no belly button.  with a whisk of the wand, Duane has a belly
> button and can
> once again resume his search.  Sadly, just before ten, the "Good
> Lord Willing
> and there ain't no meltdown..." trailed into an oblivion of explosion,
> forever lost the invite to "get together again... right here on the
> Biiiiiiiiig MATTRESS!"
>      Aloha, Charles.  Time to let the sleep experts, Barry and Elliot,
> deliver a new "Big Mattress".  after thirty years of wake-ups,
> this one is
> history.  replaced, maybe.  Redux?  never.
> - -Chuck Igo (who never won a damn thing on Mishigas.  ever.) (and didn't
> roll tape)