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Bye Charles (and Duane)

Charles (and Duane and Yoop) said goodbye.  some nice touches throughout the 
morning, especially where the beginning of the end was indeed "The End" by 
the Doors.  visits and cameos galore, a nice passing of the torch to TAI and 
Steve, then one last gasp of Duane meeting up with the Blue Fairy in search 
of his mother.  A clone, barely alive, wouldn't have a mother.  and as such, 
no belly button.  with a whisk of the wand, Duane has a belly button and can 
once again resume his search.  Sadly, just before ten, the "Good Lord Willing 
and there ain't no meltdown..." trailed into an oblivion of explosion, 
forever lost the invite to "get together again... right here on the 
Biiiiiiiiig MATTRESS!"  
     Aloha, Charles.  Time to let the sleep experts, Barry and Elliot, 
deliver a new "Big Mattress".  after thirty years of wake-ups, this one is 
history.  replaced, maybe.  Redux?  never.

- -Chuck Igo (who never won a damn thing on Mishigas.  ever.) (and didn't 
roll tape)