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Re: O&A Strike Today Show Again

In a message dated 08/03/2000 11:28:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kc1ih@mediaone.net writes:

<< The previous prank, as best I remember. was one of them holding a sign 
 a 4 letter word outside the window.  My memory may be blurred by the fact 
 that I drove approx. 710 miles today. >>


    there are some "unofficial" O&A sites which have the shot of the previous 
incident.  kind of a home-made graphic behind an NBC news reporter, but of 
the most-uncalled for and crudest kind.    btw:  i've not once heard O&A.  
ever.  only have heard of their antics.  if they get their name into the 
press, all that matters is that its spelled correctly, eh? 
   (710 miles... you giving me a run for the commuting title??? <g>)

- -Chuck Igo