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RE: WBNC 1050 AM not dead

"WBNC (1050 Conway) is not, repeat, not dead.  The
silent period on 1050 was simply a three-day stretch
transmitter problems that was soon repaired."

The transmitter problem may have lasted three days,
but the repair did not seem to be "soon". The
off-the-air problem certainly lasted much longer.

For entire week I was in Conway, at the beginning of
June,I only heard WBNC 1050 on the first day of my
visit. There did seem to be a weak unmodulated carrier
on day 2 (Saturday). My visits directly to within
200ft of the transmitter site on following days
provided absolutely no signal at all. 

OK, I'm flogging a dead mule....

Glad to see the AM side is back on the air.



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