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Re: Lowell Folk Festival 2000

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000 22:50:38 -0400 "Mark" <markwats@netway.com> writes:
>   I was making reference to actual broadcasts of festival 
> performances from
> one of the six festival stages (WCAP,WJUL,WGBH) as opposed to the 
> regular format remote with interviews/cut ins (WCCM,WHOB) 

	Wall to wall on 1 am and 2 fm's, all three have done that in the 
	past, with the elimination of WLLH the festival picked up 2 new
	stations doing at least cut ins, WCCM and WHOB.  CCM was there
	last year but this is the first for WHOB.  That's still very good radio
	coverage and that does not include the cable TV coverage.  LTC 
	did wall to wall, LHS did coverage and Media One was there I assume
	for video for their news.  I did read one comment in the paper from 
	an out of towner that I agree with, the city did virtually no
	outside of the area.  Guess the people at Kearney Sq don't like sharing
	the ad $!

>   Speaking of WCAP, today's rain shortened feed from JFK Plaza was 
> marred
> by a loud hum that by the time the rains really let loose,it was 
> almost
> overpowering the stage feed of the Polka band that was onstage at 
> the time.

	Not surprised.

 I'm not sure if WCAP ended up at an inside stage or if 
 they packed it up early.I'm not sure if WJUL was on hand today and if 
 they were,what happened to them in the foul weather.

	I tuned in late and heard Gary from inside one of the backup
	venues, St. Joseph the Worker Shrine I think.  WGBH just packed
	it in, they were running canned music from the studio.

>  The festival runs till about 10PM on Friday and Saturday nights.In 
> past
> years,WJUL has always carried a stage on Friday and Saturday 
> nights,as did WLLH in the pre-Mega era.WCAP has never done any night
>coverage,and  one year WGBH did carry a Friday night show from Boarding
House >Park.

	I knew there were Friday night performances but I was unaware that
	there were any performances Saturday night.