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Richard Chonak wrote:

> Stroudwater is likely to close, struggling against the burden of high
rents and weakening
in-store sales. <

Stroudwater Books is going down because its parent company (which also
operates Bookland stores in Maine) is bankrupt.  The shopping center where
they operate has had a history of failed anchor stores as well; anyone
remember Channel Hardware or F.W. Woolworth?  AutoZone didn't make a go of
it there, either.  Eternal construction on that section of Route 1 hasn't

> ObRadio: Since Stroudwater is next door to the former "Knight Broadcast
Center", home of WHEB-FM <

Maybe Clear Channel has other plans (the Lowry Mays Broadcast Center of
Portsmouth, perhaps? :) but as of a few hours ago (the last time I drove
by) the studio facility still bore the name of its founder.

Take care,