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No Subject

WHOB (Nashua NH) morning host Mike Morin earned an unpaid day off for
telling listeners that one of the Tall Ships had sailed up the Merrimack
River into Lowell and was docked behind the Tsongas Arena.Supposedly some
people went there and found nothing,and complained to station management.

These folks were obviously caught up in the excitement of his news,as it is
physically impossible to maneuver any kind of boat up the Merrimack from
Newburyport westward,as there are several bridges,waterfalls,shallow
areas,etc that make it such.

Of course,the resulting attention Morin will receive with an article
expected in today's (7/22) Nashua Telegraph may help spread the news and
amybe boost his ratings.Could it be this was planned to do just that,and he
had the backing of the station's " empty suits"? At least he didn't do
anything as awful as Opie and Anthony.(falsely stating a mayor was dead).

Mark Watson