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Re: WGNA-AM and FM...

I don't think it's legal and nobody ought to care, but 
based on the size of the thread (including four or five 
posts by me) many of us do care. I guess there are a lot 
of us with too much time on our hands. And I'm forever 
complaining that I don't have time to do the really 
important stuff. Posting on stupid subjects like this 
one is a good way of escaping that important stuff, 
though. Well, for a short while, anyhow.

> This "AM and FM" legal ID question sounds like the same thing that
> country powerhouse WGNA does in the Capital region.  I have always found
> it interesting that they ID as "WGNA-FM and AM, Albany
> (Schenectady-Troy)"  But I just figured that it must'ved been legal since
> there is a 100% simulcast in place.  Actually, maybe they go "WGNA-AM and
> FM," but the question still remains, is this legal?  Does anyone care?