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Re: Montreal radio observations (fwd)

Actually, First Class was an assemblage of British
studio musicians, with lead singer Tony Burrows,
who also sang for Edison Lighthouse, White Plains,
and the Brotherhood of Men (all one-hit-wonder bands
to the best of my knowledge; looked this info up in
"The Billboard Book of One Hit Wonders").

I love that song! "Do you remember back in olden days/
When everybody had a Chevrolet....Remember dancing at
the high-school hop/ The dress I ruined and the
soda pop..." etc.

Canada does have its requirements about Canadian
content. And don't be surprised if you're in Toronto,
Montreal, or some other Canadian city and the record
stores (especially chains like Tower or HMV) will 
let you know which artists are Canadian, to help
boost their sales. You'll see a little maple leaf
on the CD rack dividers, next to artists like the
Downchild Blues Band, the Rankin Family, or
Gordon Lightfoot.

> Perhaps First Class was a Canadian group.  How often
> did they play "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald?"

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