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Re: Pet peeve about WBUR

During the days of widespread AM/FM simulcasts, that 
practice was _very_ widespread, although, from what I've 
read, it was also illegal. Supposedly only two things 
are allowed between the calls and the COL--the station's 
frequency or channel number and the name of the owner. 
The word "and" isn't on the list unless it's part of the 
name of the owning company. What I don't know is whether 
any station was ever fined for IDing as the WQXR 
stations did.

For sure, "These are the radio stations of the New York 
Times, WQXR New York and WQXR-FM New York," would have 
been legal.

When the two stations were licensed to different 
communities, a correct ID was more likely to result, as 
in, "These are Columbia's Bay Area stations, KCBS San 
Jose and KCBS-FM San Francisco." I heard that one during 
the summer of 1951, just a few days before KCBS moved 
its TX from Alviso to Novato, increased from 7500W U to 
50 kW DA-2, and changed its COL to San Francisco.
> When WQXR used to be AM/FM it used to ID as "These are the radio stations
> of the New York Times; WQXR and WQXR-FM, New York."  Sounds like the same
> thing.